Junior Club is back next week!

Junior Clubs start next Monday for P1-3 at Woodside Fountain Centre and Wednesday for P4-7 in The Flat. We have changed the times to 3:45-5:45pm.

We also would like to invite you for an OPEN DAY this Thursday at 4pm at Fountain Centre to register your children and discuss activities we are going to be running. Hope to see you soon!

Welcome back Youths!!!

Hello all Local 12-25 year olds!

yes its that time again, summer activities are over and you are all back at School, so whats on NOW at FFCP!

Well come along to our BBQ Party at the youth flat (22b Sandilands Drive) on Wednesday 28th August 2013 5-7pm and FIND OUT!!

We have NEW groups starting in extreme mountain biking, skateboarding, boys group, free lunches, girls groups, music sessions and more….

COMING SOON… Swimming lessons, dancing and singing, adult drop in and Job club…